Summer 2019 / HiveDesk / User Experience Design

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HiveDesk has been stagnating in customer growth for over a year. How can we increase the number of product downloads? How can we encourage customers to try out the product?


Use small and easy-to-implement UI/UX techniques that influence users to move beyond the homepage and to the free trial download page. Increase user conversions and free trial downloads using low effort but high impact design decisions.


HiveDesk Product & Marketing Team

My Role

User Experience Design


Summer 2020

10 weeks


HiveDesk is a B2B SaaS product that tracks remote worker productivity by taking random automated screenshots of workers’ screens. It has a customer base in the hundreds and is managed by a small team in GlowTouch Technologies, a technology company based in Louisville, Kentucky. As a summer 2019 intern at GlowTouch, I had the opportunity to assist with the product marketing and management of HiveDesk. I was primarily responsible for implementing UI/UX design changes to their website.

Problem Space

The need to increase CTR and alleviate user fears

The marketing team presented me with some data via Hotjar regarding the website's 1.7% CTR from the homepage to free trial page as well as the number of users who scrolled all the way down the homepage funnel. Given such low rates, I was tasked to increase them through UI changes.

I was also provided websites (123) containing information on the challenges and fears of companies who hire remote workers. Looking through these sources, a few common pain types stood out to me —

I saw opportunities for the HiveDesk tool to resolve these pain points, so I designed the homepage to target and convince the customer that HiveDesk could relieve their fears.

This is the old, original HiveDesk homepage:

I analyzed this version of the homepage and used various psychological and marketing techniques outlined by psychologist Nick Kolenda. A couple of factors immediately stuck out to me that could be changed: