2019 / BÉBÉ VOYAGE / UX Design

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How might we design an experience to convert free users into paid members?


Redesigned the BÉBÉ Voyage website to focusing on value adds, strategic CTA placements, and seamless UX.


BÉBÉ Voyage

My Role

UX Designer


2 months


Bébé Voyage started out as a Facebook group of parents who shared advice about how to travel with kids. The Facebook group soon grew into a community with over 20,000 members. Parents from all over the world were sharing recommendations, tips, advice, itineraries, coupons, and anything and everything related to travel. Their website currently has a ton of advice for traveling with baby gear, how to deal with baby jet lag, and any other problems moms face during their family travels. Most of these articles are written by parents from different parts of the world.

Bebe Voyage is a responsive website for parents who frequently travel with their children, providing parents with recommendations for kid-friendly activities when traveling as a family.

Our Process


Problem Space

Designing To Add Value & Convert Users